Luckily living in Perth, our driveways do not need replacement as frequently as they do in other parts of the world that endure snow, salt and harsh weather conditions. However, there are still things to watch out for on your bitumen or asphalt driveway. If you start noticing cracks, holes and your driveway sinking in, a question you might be starting to ask yourself, is it time to replace or to repair?


1. Cracks or Holes

Minor cracks and holes can be repaired and if caught early, keeping up with repairs will extend the life of your driveway.

2. Multiple driveway potholes

Wear and tear from constant weight from vehicles, weather conditions such as rain and natural geological movement often weakens the surface of a driveway causing cracks and potholes. If you find that you are dealing with repairing multiple potholes all at once it might mean that the surface is no longer capable of supporting the vehicle traffic and needs replacing.

3. Bad foundation

Often repairs can be made on the surface of the driveway for some time except for when the foundation is no longer good. Often signs of deep cracks and shifting asphalt mean that the foundation may need replacing.

4. Drainage issues

If your driveway is collecting pools of water when it rains, this can lead to serious issues down the road. Standing water can weaken spots and increase the number of potholes and cracks that will eventually arise.

5. You know it’s been more than 15 years since your last driveway was laid

Sometimes after many years of exposure to weather, UV rays, damaging chemicals and daily use, it’s time to realise your driveway won’t last forever. We recommend replacing your driveway every 15-20 years.


If you aren’t sure if you need a repair or a replacement, don’t be afraid to email or call us. We offer free initial quotes and can come out and have a look at whatever situation you feel you may be having with your driveway.

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