Whether you’ve recently replaced your driveway or are looking to get as long a life out of your current driveway as possible there are some simple maintenance tips you can follow to prolong its life and keep your house looking in tip-top shape.

Remove Stains Immediately

If you start to notice surface stains from leaves, spills, oil, etc. it is a good idea to clean stains as soon as possible.  Using a hose and a brush regularly will help keep the driveway maintained.

Get Rid of Mildew, Grime and Dirt

This can start to build upon your driveway from water, pot plants, rusty pipes and daily use from cars.  To remove mildew and driveway mould it’s recommended using a chlorine bleach and water mixture on it.  Wear proper protective equipment while doing this and leave the solution on the mildew for several minutes.  Next use a brush.

Sweep regularly

Make sure to often sweep your driveway to keep it clean and keep your house looking it’s best.  This is especially important after storms or wet weather.

Apply Sealer

We recommend applying sealer to your driveway at least once every two years.  A high-quality sealer will help add resistance to stains and surface damage.  A sealer can be purchased at your local hardware store and is easy enough to apply yourself.


If you’d like a hand with your driveway or even have some questions, our team is always happy to answer.  Contact us today on +61 424 805 045 if you’d like to hear some more maintenance tips.




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