Potholes are often formed over time on surfaces such as driveways, car parks and roads.  They can be annoying and damaging to your car if left unfilled and will continue to damage the surrounding surface if not fixed properly early.

Potholes are formed when moisture penetrates a paves surface, or by the groundwater under the pavement.  When the water heats up or cools down it causes expansion and contraction causing the pavement to weaken with the added pressure.

Another reason potholes are formed is when there is a weak spot already on the surface when a car or truck passes over it, the weight of the vehicle causes the surface to break down further, creating the pothole.

Being in Perth and Western Australia, we have additional elements that cause our surfaces to break down such as the intense sun which heats up the asphalt and breaks down some of the substances in the mixture.

If you spot a pothole in your driveway it’s always best to have it fixed right away to avoid additional damage and expenses associated with replacement or repairs.

If you’d like a quote – we offer free no obligation quotes and would be happy to assist you restoring your driveway or carpark.  Contact us today.

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